Barriers to the Adoption of Photovoltaics in West Virginia

Partners:  Shepherd University Webster County Economic Development Authority West Virginia Development Office


  • Geospatial Analysis
  • Research Services

  Provided assessment of the economic, technical, and social barriers facing the implementation of photovoltaics in the state of West Virginia.

Challenge:  Many of the barriers to implementation of photovoltaics in West Virginia are also barriers faced collectively across the nation. National barriers to the widespread implementation of photovoltaics include: economics; lack of consumer education and awareness of the benefits of solar power; and those technical and institutional in nature. Barriers specific to West Virginia include low electricity rates, lack of net metering, and topography.

Solutions:  We produced a report investigating the technical, economic, social, and political barriers to the adoption of solar energy in West Virginia.  The report also identified the best areas within the state for solar energy adoption.

Results:  Publicly available report.