Aquaculture Projects

Land-Based Closed-Containment Aquaculture with the Atlantic Salmon Federation

Working with the Atlantic Salmon Federation we are continuing the proof-of-concept project that demonstrates the feasibility of producing farmed Atlantic salmon in land-based recirculation aquaculture systems. This project produces thousands of pounds of premium salmon sustainably while creating an alternative aquaculture technology to less environmentally friendly marine net pens. 

Improving the Sustainability of Land-Based Closed-Containment Systems for Salmonid Food Fish Production

This USDA Agriculture Research Service funded project continues our work in pioneering land-based, closed containment water recirculation systems that are biosecure, have an easily controlled rearing environment, produce healthy and optimally performing fish, and produce manageable effluent for significant reduction in waste discharge.

Fish Hatchery Water Reuse Evaluation

Conducted an observational study of fish reared in a partial reuse system versus fish in traditional raceway rearing units for Chelan County Public Utility District (PUD) in Washington State. Water and discharge permits in the region are becoming increasingly restricted and PUD managers are looking into the benefits of adopting new technologies such as partial reuse systems.

Pacific Salmon Restoration Program Planning

Conducted bio-programming analysis for multiple pacific anadromous restoration programs for the Chelan County Public Utility District (PUD). Identified gaps in water flow and existing infrastructure at the PUD’s existing hatcheries that will result with increased fish production commitments. 


Development of Sustainable Land-Based Aquaculture Production Systems

Performed research to improve the economic and environmental performance of controlled intensive aquaculture systems. The research is part of a cooperative agreement with the USDA Agriculture Research Service.


Trout Hatchery Planning, Design, and Construction 

Designed a new hatchery for the Rolling Rock Club that consolidates fish culture activities into one area using a secure water source. The hatchery raises brook, brown, rainbow, and tiger trout to stock into surrounding streams, providing recreational fly-fishing opportunities for club members. Construction was completed in 2006. 

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems Design

The USDA’s National Cold Water Marine Aquaculture Center is a new research facility established to improve the efficiency and sustainability of coldwater marine finfish farming. We completed production modeling and bioprogramming for the new facility in 2004 and the final design of the aquaculture production systems in 2005. Construction of the center was completed in the spring of 2007.

Hatchery Planning and Partial Water Reuse System Design  

Completed an engineering review, evaluation, and planning study at White River National Fish Hatchery in 2002 to identify priority needs and develop detailed conceptual recommendations for facility improvements.  Designed two partial water reuse systems for the hatchery following a recommendation that was made in the planning study; construction of the systems was completed in 2005.

Razorback Sucker Culture System Planning

Evaluated existing infrastructure and needs at Bubbling Ponds State Hatchery and developed conceptual designs for three different culture systems to raise razorbacks suckers in circular tanks.