Partner Testimonials

We provides services to community, government, and corporate leaders across the country.  Below, a few of our partners share their experiences with our team:

Rick Hall, Jr., Principal, Natural Resource Sustainability, NiSource Gas Transmission and Storage:

“The Conservation Fund has shown great professionalism in facilitating meetings between our company, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and state representatives. We look forward to working with them…as we continue to find innovative methods for conducting our business while protecting the environment.”

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Tom Speaks, Former Forest Supervisor of Cherokee National Forest (on Unicoi County, Tennesee):

“I found the program, from our time spent at the national course in Shepherdstown to the place-based workshop provided in Unicoi County, to be very beneficial to the Forest Service in mending, building, and strengthening the relationship with public so that the community identifies the forest as an asset and a resource for economic development. The Cherokee National Forest is indebted to the program and The Conservation Fund for the hard work and time spent on this initiative to put us moving in the right direction. I have not a negative thing to say of this entire experience, and I am thankful for a lifetime of blessings afforded to us.”

From Mayor Greg Lynch, Unicoi County, TN (surrounded by the Cherokee National Forest):

“If I had time, I could write a book about The Conservation Fund and its impact on our county. The series of workshops, starting with Shepherdstown and continuing locally, advanced our efforts toward sustainable tourism by several years. I think the majority of our citizens now look at our public land as an asset…which is almost an about-face compared to just a few years ago.”

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From Chip Jenkins, Former Superintendent, Lewis and Clark National Historical Park:

“In a week’s time, our area made 2 or 3 years progress! The Balancing Nature and Commerce course moved the working relationships, partnerships and common goals forward, in some cases by giant leaps. The course helped our teams develop clear action plans and time lines. These ranged from the community of Astoria crystallizing on the need to create a community vision for their waterfront, which was subsequently funded by a grant from the Ford Foundation, developed in part through a connection that was also made through the course, to the creation of new relationships between Shorebank Pacific Enterprises–a non-profit lending institution that seeks to facilitate sustainable economic growth, with the National Park Service and other community organizations. The Conservation Fund was critical to this work in building a new level of productive partnerships across the region.”

From Meredith Hill, PA DCNR Director, Pennsylvania Wilds Initiative:

“The workshop was instrumental in helping community leaders in the region assess how they might best take advantage of state investment in the PA Wilds initiative. It was an opportunity to build regional partnerships and focus the vision for local communities to leverage state resources and support in a way that was not possible before. The workshop brought together insightful speakers and resources that these communities would otherwise not have access to and were key to demonstrating that communities have a voice when it comes to community character protection.”

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From Grey Stooksbury, Campbell County, TN Chamber of Commerce (on GI 201: Implementing Green Infrastructure at Multiple Scales National Course):

“I came into this course as a novice and left with a heightened awareness of the importance and necessity to implement a green infrastructure plan at all scales in a strategic, cost-effective and logically-sound manner to maximize benefits for both the overall environment and everything living within that environment for optimal health and longevity.”

From Nicholas Tofaro, PP, LLA, RLA, Middlesex County, NJ Planner (on GI 201: Implementing Green Infrastructure at Multiple Scales National Course):

“An impressive line-up of speaker actively engaged in both the policy and implementation of the green infrastructure approach, supplemented by highly accessible resources and research documentation, made this the most valuable educational experience in my 35- year career.”

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