Wetland And Stream Mitigation Banking Resources

Welcome to the resource webpage for Mitigation Banking and ILF Program Interagency Review Team (IRT) members. This webpage complements the Training Course for Mitigation Banking and In-Lieu Fee Program IRT’s offered by The Conservation Fund in partnership with the US Army Corps of Engineers, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

This training features extensive interaction among participants, real-world examples, exercises, and a high-caliber cadre of instructors. Participants gain a thorough grounding in the relevant federal policy and regulations guiding the review, establishment and management of mitigation banks and in-lieu fee programs; solid expertise on how to effectively and efficiently review and oversee the establishment and operation of mitigation banks and in-lieu fee programs; and the leadership skills necessary to be an effective member of an IRT. For additional information on compensatory mitigation, see EPA’s Compensatory Mitigation webpage and the National Mitigation Banking Association‘s website.

The next course offering will be July 8-12, 2013click here for more information.
Below you’ll find select resources from the June 2012 course offering. They are organized according to the modules from the course (download agenda).

Session 1: Overview of Federal Mitigation Banking Policy and Regulations
  • PowerPoint (pdf) (download Part A) (download Part B)
  • Reference Document (download)
  • Department of Defense and Environmental Protection Agency. April 10, 2008. Compensatory Mitigation for Losses of Aquatic Resources. Final rule. Federal Register. Vol. 73, No. 70: pp. 19594-19705 (download)
  • EPA Wetland Regulatory Authority Fact Sheet (download)
  • EPA Compensatory Mitigation Fact Sheet (revised May 2008) (download)
  • EPA Mitigation Banking Fact Sheet (revised May 2008) (download)
  • EPA Compensatory Mitigation Rule Fact Sheet (March 2008) (download)
Session 2: 3rd Party Mitigation Documentation
  • PowerPoint (pdf) (download)
  • Reference Document (download)
  • California Mitigation Banking Proposal Procedures, September 2010 (download)
  • California BEI Template, May 2008 (download)
  • New Orleans Bank Prospectus checklist (download)
  • Timeline for Bank Approval Under Final Compensatory Mitigation Rule (download)
Session 3: Ecological Considerations for Mitigation Bank and ILF Program Site Selection and Design
  • PowerPoint (download)
  • Reference Document (download)
  • ACOE Public Notice: VA Off-Site Mitigation Location Guidelines (download)
  • “Selecting Wetland Mitigation Sites Using a Watershed Approach,” Hruby, Harper, and Stanley. 2009 (download)
Session 4: Framework for Enforceable Performance Standards
  • PowerPoint (pdf) (download)
  • “A Suggested Approach to Enforceable Performance Standards: Considerations in writing performance standards,” Institute for Water Resources, June 2007 (download)
  • “Summary – Do’s and Don’ts for writing performance standards,” Institute for Water Resources, June 2007 (download)
Session 5: Real Estate Protection Instruments
  • PowerPoint (pdf) (download)
  • Reference Document (download)
  • Savannah District Model Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, October 2008 (download)
  • California Property Assessment and Warranty, July 2009 (download)
  • Conservation Land Use (CLU) Agreement, December 2009 (download)
  • In-Lieu Fee CLU Agreement Model, 2010 (download)
  • “Corporate shell games: LLPs, LLCs, and responsibility for mitigation sites,” Gardner and Radwan. 2009 (download)
Session 6: Service Area Determination
Session 7: The Business of Banking
  • PowerPoint (pdf) (download)
  • “The Future of Wetlands Mitigation Banking,” Leonard Shabman and Paul Scodari (download)
Session 8: In-Lieu Fee Mitigation
Session 9: Role of IRT’s / Collaborative Decision-Making
Session 10: Financial Assurances
  • PowerPoint (pdf) (download)
  • Reference Document (download)
  • IWR Financial Assurances White Paper, June 2011 (download)
  • USACE Memo: Financial Assurance Instruments for Compensatory Mitigation under the Corps Regulatory Program, 2011 (download)
Session 11: Wetland Credit Determination
Session 12: Stream Credit Determination
Session 13: Stream Credit Release Schedules and Ecological Performance Standards
Session 14: Wetland Credit Release Schedules and Ecological Performance Standards
Session 15: Long-Term Stewardship
  • PowerPoint (pdf) (download)
  • Reference Document (download)
  • Annotated Outline of Standard Format Management Plan for Resource and Habitat Conservation Areas, CNLM (download)
  • California Long-Term Management Plan Template (download)
  • Checklist of Required Comprehensive Conservation Plan Elements (download)
  • “The Demise of The Environmental Trust,” Sherry Teresa, Ecosystem Marketplace, March 9, 2006 (download)
Session 16: 3rd Party Mitigation Oversight and Compliance
Session 17: RIBITS, Reporting and a Demonstration
Session 18: Conservation Banking
Session 19: Dispute Resolution
  • PowerPoint (pdf) (download)
  • Reference Document (download)
  • Timeline for Bank Instrument Dispute Resolution Under Final Compensatory Mitigation Rule (download)