Green Infrastructure Projects

Atlanta skyline

Piedmont Park in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo by Anton Sokolov/

An Emerald Necklace For Los Angeles Gibson Mariposa Park. Photo by Cameron McIntyre.

As one of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas, the Los Angeles region should be leading the country in park and recreation opportunities, but, sadly, it is not. In fact, in Los Angeles County, only 36 percent of children live within… Read More

Louisiana Wildlife Management High waters at Upper Ouachita NWR

More than two million people live in Louisiana’s coastal areas, which generate nearly $120 billion in business every year through energy development, fisheries, ports and more. All  this activity has impacted the coast. We’ve drained and leveed waters, wiping out… Read More

Chicago Wilderness Vision City of Chicago

Our conservation efforts in and around Chicago, from Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie to wetlands restoration, keeps growing. Chicago Wilderness, regional alliance represents more than 300 organizations, recently asked us to help update and refine its 2004 green infrastructure plan. With an ambitious vision to create… Read More

Open Space Plan For Nashville Nashville skyline

Like many American cities, fast-growing Nashville needs green strategy. Obesity-related conditions cost area residents an estimated $255 million annually. There are too few places for people to easily access the outdoors, with only about 3% of Davidson County in metro… Read More

Green Infrastructure Plans For Houston-Galveston Aerial of Galveston Bay, Texas

Greater Houston is America’s sixth-largest metroplex—and growing. In less than 30 years, the Houston-Galveston area is expected to gain 3.5 million people, bringing the area population to nearly 10 million. Now is the time for officials, planners, builders and other… Read More

Greenseams: Milwaukee Flood Management Greenseams-_(c)_Abbie-Church_390x260

More than one million people live and work in the Milwaukee metro area. As the region grows, with more houses, pavement and concrete packed into its limits, major storms can overflow sewer systems, flooding homes with filthy water. We collaborate… Read More

Green Infrastructure Plan In East Texas Angelina Lufkin Green Infrastructure map

Lufkin–Angelina County is part of the colorful east Texas Pineywoods. In 2008, we completed a green infrastructure plan to help the region protect the best of its natural assets and encourage economic development. We convened a leadership forum of 50… Read More

Metro Atlanta Open Space Assessment Piedmont Park, Atlanta

In 2005, the City of Atlanta was losing 500 acres of open space each week to development. Historically, the city has had one of the nation’s lowest percentages of park space per capita.  But The Conservation Fund is working to… Read More

Helping Houston Expand City Parks Houston skyline

The Houston Parks Board and its funding partner, the Houston Endowment, have committed to being strategic with parkland acquisition, so that conservation protects environmentally significant areas while adhering to master plans. With land costs high and minimal vacant land that’s… Read More

Maryland Moves Forward: Route 301 bridge over Potomac River

The Maryland State Highway Administration turned to us to identify and evaluate conservation and restoration opportunities in the vicinity of the US 301 Waldorf Transportation Improvements Project in Maryland’s Charles and Prince George’s counties. Our Conservation Leadership Network and strategic conservation… Read More

Green Infrastructure Plans For Central Delaware Green infrastructure map The Conservation Fund

Confronting haphazard sprawl, Delaware state leaders turned to us in 2006 to assess the green infrastructure resources in Kent County. We convened a forum of public and private leaders to better understand conservation priorities and conducted original research to evaluate… Read More

Green Infrastructure Plans For Maryland’s Eastern Shore green infrastructure map

Along Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Cecil County is primarily rural but also smack in the middle of a major metropolitan traffic corridor.  In 2006, we completed a green infrastructure plan identifying and offering guidance on the essential green infrastructure needed to… Read More

Greening The Crossroads: Central Indiana midwest farm

Good green infrastructure planning can have a major impact on the quality of life for residents of a region.  In 2010, the Fund designed a green infrastructure network that highlights more than 300,000 acres of high-quality land in need of… Read More

Community Development Plan For Kona, Hawaii Section of green infrastructure map of Kona Hawaii

The Kona, Hawaii, Community Development Plan provides a strategic framework for guiding future land development and conservation decisions in North and South Kona. We prepared a green infrastructure report as part of this landmark plan, which was recognized by the… Read More

Green Infrastructure Plans For West Virginia Harper's Ferry West Virignia

Jefferson County, West Virginia, confronts haphazard growth that disrupts normal ecosystem functions and community vitality. The continued protection of the county’s diverse natural and rural landscapes, and economic vitality, rely on the conservation of its unique ecological and cultural geography. By… Read More

Strategic Conservation Plans For Nevada Western Nevada landscape

The Nevada Land Conservancy asked us to help think strategically about western Nevada, the Sierra Front range and areas along border states of California and Oregon—a vast expanse covering 30 million acres. We’re producing a series of planning tools to help… Read More


Will Allen
Will Allen Chapel Hill, NC
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Director of Strategic Conservation Planning Will Allen helps metropolitan areas, rural communities, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and the military identify and protect our most important lands.  He holds a M.R.P. in City and Regional Planning from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and a B.A. in Urban Studies from Stanford University.