Redwood forest

Our Conservation Ventures invest in, or lend money to, small business and sustainable forestry efforts that generate economic, social and environmental returns. Our goal is to help people build enterprises that make a difference with every board foot, kilowatt hour, paddle stroke, bottle or bushel they produce. 

Sustainable Forest Management
North Coast Forestry
sustainable forestry

Forestry workers at Big River Forest in Mendocino County, California. Photo by The Conservation Fund.

On California’s North Coast, we’re demonstrating a new way to sustainably manage “working” forests, as a nonprofit owner that uses both sound environmental strategy and economics—including a “light-touch” harvest regimen, sales of carbon offsets and a supply of local jobs. Our goal is to ensure these forests remain healthy for generations to come, in the hands of responsible owners. Learn more > > 

Working Forest Fund
Bobcat Ridge in Texas

Bobcat Ridge, Texas. Photo by The Conservation Fund.

Expanding our sustainable forestry ventures, our Working Forest Fund is a dedicated source of conservation bridge capital that allows us to acquire and sustainably manage working forests with high conservation value. We step in to save at-risk land from inappropriate development, while working with our conservation partners to get the land permanently protected. Learn More > >


Green Business Lending
Natural Capital Investment Fund (NCIF)
Neil Moyer

Neil Moye at his farm. Photo by Bill Bamberger.

Over the past decade, NCIF has provided nearly $7 million in loans and 7,000 hours of technical assistance to more than 350 emerging and small businesses, primarily in the rural Southeast. Thanks to NCIF’s support, these businesses have been able to add or keep hundreds of jobs in distressed areas, all while developing sustainably. Learn more >> 

Family owners of Fern Studios, furniture maker

Jason Roskey and family, owners of Fern Studio, a ShadeFund loan recipient. Photo by Valentin Casarsa.

We launched ShadeFund with the U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities to support green entrepreneurs with smaller loans across the country. ShadeFund is committed to supporting green entrepreneurs who are good stewards of farmland and forestland. Learn more > >