Wind Cave National Park

Even if you’re just learning about The Conservation Fund, chances are you already know places we’ve protected:  national parks, natural areas, storied battlefields, popular getaways and more.  Since 1985, we have conserved more than 7 million acres, completing over 2,000 real estate projects.

Rather than solely pursuing our own conservation agenda, we work to fulfill top public priorities. Our projects often begin when government or community leaders want to save a special outdoor place. To act swiftly, they turn to us for bridge financing and a full suite of conservation services, from real estate negotiation and land acquisition to strategic planning, conservation training and community outreach.

In addition to helping public partners save land, we work with interested private landowners to secure conservation easements on lands with high conservation value. We place particular importance on “working lands,” or forests, farms and ranches being sustainably, actively managed. A growing part of our work involves helping corporate partners and regulatory agencies achieve good conservation outcomes through mitigation.

Our experienced team includes attorneys, lenders, foresters and other real estate experts. Most work in small offices across the country, living in the communities they help conserve.