Revolving Fund

Dollar for dollar, our Revolving Fund has protected more land than any other land conservation vehicle.


TCF Revolving FundEvery $1 million invested in our Revolving Fund has conserved more than $25 million of land—that’s a return on investment that cannot be matched.

We use our Revolving Fund to help our federal, state and local partners act quickly to save priority lands vulnerable to development or fragmentation. As immediate conservation opportunities arise, our conservation partners turn to us to quickly deploy the ready capital of our Revolving Fund.

Upon repayment, we “revolve” the money back into the fund. Every dollar in the Revolving Fund is used to buy land, and only land—no overhead, no administrative expenses. Imagine your donation helping to first protect a coastal wetland, then a wildlife corridor, and next a family ranch, multiplying your gift’s results. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.