Path Of The Pronghorn

Pronghorn antelope running

The pronghorn has the longest land migration in the lower 48 states—traversing a 150-mile route across Wyoming. Known as the “Path of the Pronghorn,"  in 2008, this became the first designated wildlife migration corridor in the nation. The pronghorn is also one of the fastest animals, with a top running speed of about 55 miles per hour—surpassed on land only by the cheetah. However, speed doesn't help the pronghorn if its migration route isn't clear: Today, pronghorn  must cross subdivisions and highways as well as private ranchland. Since 2008, the Fund, with our partners, has protected more than 8,000 acres of private land and enhanced more than 90,000 acres of public land. Learn more >>

Photo by Mark Gocke/