Face Of This Place

For nearly 30 years, The Conservation Fund has been a leader in conservation, protecting more than 7 million acres across America. We’ve saved places across the country, from parks and historic lands to working forests and wild places, all while helping communities manage their natural resources. Learn about some of the places we work and the people who dedicate themselves to our conservation efforts.  

Face Of This Place: Frances Kennedy Frances-Kennedy_FOTP_(c)_RobinMurphy_390x260

What was your first introduction to our national lands?  My first visit to a national park was as a child to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Hiking there continued to be a great pleasure over the years, especially while my… Read More

Face Of This Place: Marc Epstein, Santee National Wildlife Refuge Manager Marc Epstein

How did you arrive at Santee National Wildlife Refuge?  I’ve been the refuge manager of Santee since 2006 but I started with Fish and Wildlife Service in 1993, before that I worked for the State of Florida. I had always… Read More

Face Of This Place: Reggie Hall Reggie Hall

What were your favorite outdoor memories as a child?  I grew up on the seacoast of New Hampshire as an only child. My town was a summer-home community, and we were the only year-round residents in our entire neighborhood. Every… Read More

Face Of This Place: Wendy Sams, Rouge Park, Detroit Wendy Sams-Richardson

Wendy Sams has been the Fund’s Chief Information Officer for more than a decade.  As a native of Detroit, Wendy was thrilled when she heard the Fund was helping to restore Rouge Park, the park of her childhood where she… Read More

Face Of This Place: Norman McCowan, President Of Bell Aquaculture In Indiana Norman McCowan

As the world’s population continues to grow, so does our appetite for seafood as a healthy food source. At the rate we’re going, the rapidly depleting stocks of wild fish will not be able to sustain our ever-increasing demand for… Read More

Face Of This Place: Chris Kelly, California’s North Coast Forests Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly, the Fund’s California program director, is known for his innovative approaches to conservation, including the Fund’s sustainable forest management efforts along the state’s north coast—now home to the largest nonprofit-owned working forest in the West. A new approach for both the… Read More

Face Of This Place: Kendra Briechle Kendra Briechle

Kendra Briechle has been with The Conservation Fund for more than a decade—and for more than five years as the Senior Training Associate for the Fund’s Conservation Leadership Network (CLN). Kendra has traveled across the United States, working with communities to… Read More

Face Of This Place: Claire Robinson, Los Angeles Claire Robinson

The Fund is working with the nonprofit Amigos de los Rios to combine and update the green infrastructure plan for the Los Angeles area.  Click on the video in the Media Gallery below for Executive Director Claire Robinson’s interview about her work… Read More

Face Of This Place: Ginny Trocchio, Ann Arbor Ginny Trocchio

Ginny Trocchio works in the Fund’s Ann Arbor office, where she heads the Ann Arbor Greenbelt Initiative, among other projects. Launched in 2003, the Initiative protects and links city parks, natural areas and working farms. An outdoor enthusiast since childhood, Ginny… Read More

Face Of This Place: Dr. Steve Summerfelt, Freshwater Institute Dr. Steve Summerfelt, Freshwater Institute

Dr. Steven T. Summerfelt is Director of Aquaculture Systems Research for The Conservation Fund’s Freshwater Institute in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Founded in 1982, the Freshwater Institute is an internationally recognized program that has been one of the nation’s premier research… Read More

Face Of This Place: Botanists At Our North Coast Forests Face-Place-Geri-Hulse-Stephens-and-Kerry-Heise-390x260

Botanists Geri Hulse-Stephens and Kerry Heise have spent countless hours crouched in our North Coast forests, cataloging tiny plants—and making big discoveries. So far, they’ve turned up a number of rare species that find refuge on the lands we’ve protected…. Read More

Face Of This Place: Brad Meiklejohn, Alaska Brad Meiklejohn

What’s your favorite thing about working in Alaska?  Alaska is a place where you can make a difference.  It’s a huge state with a small population, and I am always encouraging young and inspired people to take a chance because… Read More

Face Of This Place: Jena Thompson Meredith, Upper Ouachita NWR Jena Meredith

What has been your role with the Fund begin to restore the Upper Ouachita National Wildlife? As head of the Fund’s Go Zero® program, and director of our corporate marketing campaigns, I’ve been lucky to work with the staff at… Read More

Face Of This Place: Brian Dangler, Director of The Working Forest Fund brian dangler 390x260

Working Forest Fund Director Brian Dangler is a Certified Forester and an expert in forestland acquisition, management and finance, with more than 25 years of experience. Brian has worked at the Fund since 2008.  How did you choose a career… Read More

Face Of This Place: Erik Meyers, Vice President Erik Meyers, Vice President (Photo by Whitney Flanagan)

Erik Meyers has been a Vice President at The Conservation Fund for nearly a decade. Growing up in places across the midwest, far west, and east, Erik’s love of the outdoors and our nation’s natural wonders run deep. College introduced… Read More